Employment Opportunities

Tann, Brown & Russ Co., PLLC is committed to seeking out and hiring highly-motivated individuals who are interested in a career in public accounting, but our commitment does not end there. TBR emphasizes both the professional and personal development of all members of the firm, whether associates or partners. Consequently, we encourage every staff member to be the best they can be, not only as CPAs and representatives of the accounting profession, but also as members of their respective communities.

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To attract and retain individuals who are interested in being members of our team, TBR offers an outstanding package of benefits to our employees, as follows:

401(k) Plan – Participation in our Profit-Sharing 401(k) Plan is available to all employees after one year of service, provided they meet certain “service hours” requirements. The Firm matches a portion of all employee contributions.

Health Plan – Health care coverage is provided through the firm’s Blue Cross Blue Shield plan which offers very competitive benefits to employees and their family members.

Flexible Benefit Plan – The firm’s flexible benefit plan, sometimes referred to as a cafeteria plan because of the options it offers, allows employees who enroll in the plan to pay for medical, health insurance and child care costs with pre-tax dollars, making it a very attractive employee benefit.

Life Insurance – The Firm offers AICPA group term life insurance to full-time salaried employees, with available coverage based on annual compensation.

Paid Time Off – All employees earn two weeks of paid vacation on their one-year anniversary, and staff members with five years experience receive three weeks of annual vacation. Staff members are also allowed to “bank” overtime hours during the firm’s busy season to use for time off at a later date. Additionally, the firm’s sick leave policy provides a limited amount of time off for health and medical purposes.

Holidays – In addition to paid time off, staff members at Tann, Brown & Russ Co., PLLC receive six paid holidays, including New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (two days) and Christmas.

Parking – Ample parking is available at no charge in the parking lot that adjoins our office building.

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For more information about our firm or to submit your resume’, please contact Weston Russ at Westonr@tannbrownruss.com or at 601-354-4926.

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